Head Office

Van De Velde NV is a listed public limited company under Belgian law with headquarters in Belgium, 9260 Schellebelle, Lageweg 4, registered in the HUB Database for companies under the number 0448,746,744. 

General contact: 

Tel: +32 9365 21 00 

Fax: +32 9365 21 70 

E-mail: info@vandevelde.eu 


Contact Information for E-Commerce affairs: 

in French   :  +33 183799479
in Spanish :  +34 933937079

E-mail: info@andressarda.com

VAT - IdNummerr: 448,746,744 

Van de Velde NV is lawfully represented by its Managing Director (Positron BVBA, permanently represented by Erwin Van Laethem) or Chief Financial Officer (Bart Rabaey Consulting VOF, permanently represented by Bart Rabaey) together with a member of the managing committee.