Our e-vouchers are the perfect gift for a friend or lover who deserves gorgeous lingerie or beachwear.

The recipients can shop from the comfort of their own home and choose from our wide range of iconic lingerie and swimwear collections.

The e-gift card can only be used for purchases online on www.andressarda.com.

Select your preferred e-voucher denomination here below:

ANDRES SARDA e-vouchers are immediately sent to the recipient via e-mail and are available in the amount of 25€, 50€, 75€, 100€, 150€, 200€, 300€, 400€ and 500€. If you would like to buy an e-voucher for several recipients and want to send these vouchers or their e-mail addresses, please order the e-vouchers separately. You can change the e-mail address at the end of your order.

Terms and Conditions E-Gift Cards

The ANDRES SARDA e-voucher is only available to buy and redeem online at www.andressarda.com and cannot be used in our physical stores. The e-voucher is valid for 2 years from the order date. When using the e-voucher, the amount spent will be deducted from the voucher value. The residual value can not be paid out in cash, but remains valid for a next purchase within the 2-year term. E-vouchers can not be exchanged in full or in part for cash or return. ANDRES SARDA is not responsible for the loss or theft of e-vouchers or their compensation.

Andres Sarda online gift card