Head Office

Van De Velde NV is a listed public limited company under Belgian law with headquarters in Belgium, 9260 Schellebelle, Lageweg 4, registered in the HUB Database for companies under the number 0448,746,744. 

General contact: 

Tel: +32 9365 21 00 

Fax: +32 9365 21 70 

E-mail: info@vandevelde.eu 


Contact Information for E-Commerce affairs: 

in French   :  +33 183799479
in Spanish :  +34 933937079

E-mail: info@andressarda.com

VAT - IdNummerr: 448,746,744 

Van de Velde NV is lawfully represented by a managing director (Mavac BVBA, permanently represented by Marleen Vaesen) or Chief Financial Officer (Karel Verlinde Comm. V., permanently represented by Karel Verlinde), together with a member of the managing committee.