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SA8000 Fair Labour Label

All suppliers and subcontractors have signed a declaration abiding by our Ethical and Social Charter. This charter is based on the SA8000 standard, and represents ‘Human friendly entrepreneurship’ with respect for the quality of work and the wellbeing and identity of the employees, subcontractors and suppliers. We carry out checks through an internal monitoring system.

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Durable and qualitative materials

Andres Sarda designs are made from durable and very qualitative fabrics such as Leavers lace that are carefully sourced from all over the world. Exactly the reason why an "Andres Sarda" will last you a lifetime, when given the right care.

Product Safety: we guarantee that our products are free from harmful, allergy-inducing substances, by requiring of our suppliers that they carry the Oeko-tex label and that they can present a valid certificate.

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New sustainable packaging

For the next SS22 collection, we will replace the plastic packaging with carton boxes. The carton used is 100% recycled and recyclable itself. This will help maintain a high quality aspect which is key for a luxury brand like Andres Sarda.

These boxes are not only better for the environment but they also leave plenty of room for the product to ensure a safe and quality delivery. As you open the box you will find the product in excellent condition, regardless of cup size.