18-05-16 ANDRES SARDA 252 (2) | Andres Sarda

The creative process for each new collection begins with a journey of inspiration – there is no concrete idea; the aim is simply for the designers to absorb all the input from the experience to the full.

At the same time, a sales analysis and study are carried out, and information is collected from customers to ensure that we have direct feedback. Once we have a reasonably clear idea of how to develop the collection, we contact the providers that usually actively collaborate with Andres Sarda. We don’t tend to follow market trends – we simply try to predict what people will want in advance.

Design presents an initial proposal to the rest of the team: marketing, communications, sales, etc. This gives us comprehensive feedback on what may or may not work based on the knowledge and experience of each department. The design team uses this feedback to suggest the final collection. That is when the materials are checked with the technical team and textile engineers to ensure that we meet our quality standards in all respects.

Once that process is complete, the pattern makers are responsible for achieving the perfect fit for each of the styles, and once they have the pattern, it is passed to sewing and dressmaking. All the products are tested on women with different body shapes and sizes to ensure that the products fit perfectly.

Finally, the products are scaled to all sizes, produced, and then sold.