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090 345 | Andres Sarda

The Inspiration for F/W20 ##

Nature is the mother of all creations. Giving and nurturing, Nature is both divine and human. Adam and Eve are said to have received the Garden of Eden as a gift from their creator. They lost it by their disobedience. Mankind has received Nature as their own present. They abused its resources blindly, thinking they were endless. The destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity is probably the biggest crisis we will have to solve.
Nuria Sarda and her team wanted to honor a beautiful but fragile Nature through animals in risk of extinction. Extraordinary species representing strength and elegance: the lynx and the mamba.


With Lynx, lace is given a modern and graphically new look. The large floral pattern creates highly visual arabesques. Each garment is bordered by a fine line of shiny sequins.


As the name induces, Mamba adorns a subtle snake print made of flock. The large elastic lace band that finishes each piece brings beautiful contrast reinforced by velvet straps in the same hue. The semi transparency of the tulle produces a beautiful tatoo effect.


The Verbier series is an Andres Sarda classic. It is made of a light and comfortable Italian fabric with laser cut edges. A large band of Leavers lace gives each garment a tone on tone embellishment.