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Our lingerie and swimwear is designed in Barcelona by Nuria Sarda.

Creation is infused with Mediterranean vibes: daring designs, sensual materials, unexpected color combinations.

Collections are featured on the runway during the Madrid Fashion Week.

MEET THE TEAM | Andres Sarda
MEET THE TEAM | Andres Sarda


The most important piece for the success of the brand is undoubtedly the team that makes up Andres Sarda. It is essential to understand the history and philosophy of the brand, as well as the way it works to move each new collection forward. That is why we try to maintain long-term relationships with all our workers.

Despite having very different functions, all our departments are connected in one way or another and work together to achieve proposed objectives. Without good teamwork, nothing we do would be possible.

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Born in Barcelona and the mother of two children, Carlos and Jacobo, Núria Sardá joined the family business in the late 1980s.

After a brief dedication to importing Leavers lace from France and England, in 1989 she accepted Eurocorset's proposal to open a commercial network in Germany, where she worked as market manager for a year and a half.

She later moved to France and lived in Paris, working as a sales promoter in the French market. In 1993, with a deep knowledge of the international market, she returned to Barcelona as head of the export department.

Thanks to that experience, when Núria Sardá joined the design department in 1996, she had in-depth knowledge of the commercial field, from import to point of sale, and the world of fabrics and suppliers.

Núria Sardá began by working with her father, Andrés Sarda, at that time CEO of Eurocorset and the driving force behind the brand's creative department. Her first job was to coordinate the collections, until in 1998 she took charge of the design department.

AGUEDA | Andres Sarda


They are the creative heart of Andres Sarda. Mao, Maria and Agueda provide ideas, concepts, colors, and patterns for each new collection each year. They look for inspiration and trends that, combined with their originality, result in surprising and very striking collections.

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With years of experience in the sector, Andres Sarda's seamstresses make each collection in our workshop in Barcelona. Every detail matters, therefore, the necessary tests and prototypes are carried out until the perfect fit for each specific size is found.