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Fashion and fit are equally important to us, and we don’t sacrifice one for the sake of the other. Our products blend design and creativity but are comfortable and functional at the same time.

Above the showroom is the Andres Sarda workshop, where the dressmakers, pattern makers, designers and textile engineers work together to create the perfect design and fit for each product.

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Andres Sarda has two of its own stores, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid. At our flagships, which specialize in lingerie and swimwear, they will help you find your exact size and the perfect fit.

Barcelona: Calle Valencia 272, 08007 Barcelona Madrid: Don Ramón de la Cruz 14, 28001, Madrid.

If you don't live in Barcelona or Madrid, we have a store locator search where you can find your nearest stores that sell our products.

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The showroom is a multi-functional space where various brand activities take place. We use the showroom for shootings, fittings for fashion shows and model castings for the various campaigns.

It is a large, clean space that is also used for customer meetings or presenting new projects.

Stylists, photographers, influencers, and other professionals interested in our products also constantly visit the Sarda showroom to see our new collections.